Monday, August 15, 2011

Competition Season Begins

The title in this post might be a little deceiving. For the elite among us, it seems these days the competition season is never-ending. Less than a month ago, the CrossFit Games took place in California playing host to the World's Fittest. Since I obviously didn't make it to the Crossfit Games, the last time I competed was at Regionals on June 17th, 18th and 19th. But looking ahead, I have 6 competitions and multiple other Crossfit Events written into my calendar within the next 4 1/2 months! Now, I am most likely not going to participate in every one of these events and competitions but the fact that the opportunity is there, is significant. I have been having a hard time lately with motivation. This is something that I feel resonates with many other CrossFit Athletes that I've talked to recently. I think the important thing for all of us to remember is to pick and choose our competitions wisely so that we can keep a healthy level of motivation and fun without getting burned out.
This past weekend I chose to compete at the Life As Rx Tour in Dallas, Texas along with a group of my CrossFit Katy family. For me, this marks the beginning of my Games 2012 Season. I chose Life As Rx for a few reasons. First of all, it was a chance to get out of town and focus on nothing but the competition and having a good time with my friends. When you work full-time as a trainer coaching classes 6 days a week, it is essential sometimes to take a long weekend to forget it all and focus on yourself as an Athlete and not a coach, business owner, etc. Two this was billed as one of the largest competitions at a huge venue (the 2011 Europa) with a unique opportunity to showcase CrossFit to a large group of people that were possibly unfamiliar with it. Also, I didn't go last year and regretted it.
Competing turned out to be a great decision. I had a lot of fun and got in some solid workouts. As an advanced CrossFitter, I think sometimes I get caught up in the idea that I need to always be doing complicated WOD's and movements. This weekend was a good reminder that the simple stuff is just as ass-kicking! Finished up with a 10th place finish so I was happy. In case I forgot to mention it here, my goal for this season is a Top 10 Finish in all of the events I choose to compete in. So that's one down. The next one on the list is the BCS Games in College Station on August, 27th.