Tuesday, September 7, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things....

So the other day I realized that I have a problem...yes I, Leah Goldstein, am a Lululemon Addict! :-) For anybody that doesn't know, Lululemon is a fabulous store with a funny name. The company originated in Canada and produces high quality running/yoga/workout gear that also looks amazing. If you haven't seen your butt in a pair of Lulu Run:Speed Shorts or Groove Pants....well let's just say you're missing out! I fell in love with their products about 5 years ago when I was living in San Antonio and I still have my very first purchase, my Lulu Groove Pants, and they still fit as fabulously as they did the very first day that I bought them. I don't know how many people can say they have five year old workout pants that still have as much elasticity and look as good as the day they bought them, but my Lulu's do! The thing that's so great about this company though lies not solely in their fabulous products. Lululemon aims to be an ambassador of fitness and healthy living to every community in which one of their stores resides. They host free workouts every Sunday from CrossFit to Yoga to name it, they support it. They are always present at the various runs and races around town whether it's handing out drinks to thirsty runners or cheering people on with homemade signs, the Lemons are always out in force. I am particularly in love with my local Lululemon store in Highland Village, Houston TX. I cannot begin to thank them for the amount of support that the Lemons have shown to me and the entire CrossFit community. We had Lemons at our grand opening of CrossFit Katy, we had Lemon volunteers to help us out with our very first CrossFit Competition hosted at CrossFit Katy (and yes they came with homemade signs to cheer everyone on) and we regularly have a few brave Lemons come all the way out to CrossFit Katy to sweat it out in one of our killer WOD's. It's this kind of community support and commitment to fitness that will always keep me coming back to my Lululemon Athletica.

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