Sunday, September 26, 2010


So lately I've been thinking a lot about sleep...or the lack-thereof! According to the National Sleep Foundation, there is no "magic number" when it comes to sleep. In a national survey of over 1 million adults that was conducted by the American Cancer Society, people that slept an average of 7 hours a night had less morbidity and mortality than people that got less.....and more! The consensus right now seems to be that sleep is highly individual.....great, that really helps me a lot! So how am I supposed to figure out how much sleep I need? Looks like this is going to be another great experiment of one!
As you know, the CrossFit Katy Train Right, Eat Right, Live Right Challenge is going to be starting on October 2nd and one of my goals as far as this challenge is concerned, is going to be to try and get enough sleep. I guess what set this whole line of thinking off was two, I got hold of a copy of Robb Wolf's The Paleo Solution and to quote Robb...."If you do not sleep you will: 1) Completely cock-block your fat loss. 2) Get fat, sick and diabetic. 3) Get old and wrinkled before your time." I don't know about you but I don't want to "completely cock-block my fat loss!!" The other thing is that I am on my final semester of nursing school and have been given the lucky assignment of working the night shift at Woman's Hospital. Now I actually happen to like the night shift for a few reasons....mostly having to do with more time to learn/practice without the hassle of a million impatient docs and residents trying to finish their day as quickly as possible. The night shift is a great time to learn, but it presents a unique challenge as far as getting the right amount of sleep is concerned. To combat this problem, I have tried to darken my room (but I think I will be investing in some good black-out curtains soon) and I am going to try and get as much sleep as possible during the day before and after my shift. Hopefully this strategy along with keeping my diet dialed in tight and getting my CrossFit on 4-5 days a week will help me get leaner, stronger, and faster! But there's only one way to find out........guess that means we'll talk later!

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