Friday, May 27, 2011

Murph Day at CrossFit Katy!

So this year to celebrate Memorial Day, CrossFit Katy is doing Murph tomorrow at 9AM! The gym is going to be closed on Memorial Day but we didn't want to miss out on the fun when so many boxes are going to be doing Murph on Monday. So we decided to turn our usual Saturday Team WOD day into Murph Day. We are having the option of letting people do the workout individually or as a team since the idea of tackling a full Murph alone is a bit daunting for some of our newbies. I for one have never done a full Murph but tomorrow I will be going for it AND I borrowed a weight-vest so I can truly do the RX version of Murph. Yes, I am a little freaked out but I am also excited to tackle this beast! Tune in tomorrow to see if I survive!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

CrossFit Katy Success Story!

Well first off, to say that I have been delinquent with my posting is the understatement of the year. I will try very hard to be better about that especially with all the excitement of Regionals training and preparation. But this post is not about me. This post is about a good friend and client of ours at CrossFit Katy, Kerrie Steger.

Kerrie started out in one of my neighborhood bootcamps with a few other moms but transitioned to the box in October 2010. Those of you who have been following my blog are familiar with Whole 9 Life's Whole 30. (For those of you that aren't, I highly suggest you take a look.) Kerrie just recently finished her first Whole 30 and I asked her to write about her experience and I wanted to share it with all of my followers. The combination of Crossfit and Paleo Nutrition has really helped Kerrie accomplish some amazing stuff but she tells it best so without further ado:

Kerrie's Whole 30 Experience

My journey with CrossFit started last May when I began working out with Leah in a community boot camp. Too put it bluntly, she kicked my butt! I was super down on myself because I had been an athlete my entire life, but had let myself go after the birth of my 2 kids (who are now 7 and 5). I was determined to get back in shape and had seen amazing results on my husband who had started a year prior. It did not take me long to buy into the CrossFit mentality of working out, but the paleo mentality did not come as easily. When Leah first told me about it I thought she was crazy! Then when she told me about THE WHOLE 30, I thought she had completely lost her mind! I knew there was no way in this world I would ever live without dairy, diet coke, or wine! To even suggest I try such a thing was insane!

I continued to work out with the boot camp through the next October, and I actually progressed very quickly. However, in late October Leah decided to stop the boot camp, since attendance had dwindled, and informed me I would have to start working out at THE BOX. I was extremely nervous and intimidated by the thought of actually GOING to CrossFit. I had become comfortable (mistake number 1) in my workout routine. However, once I had completed my first workout at CROSSFIT KATY, I was hooked and drawn in by one of the most positive groups of people I had ever met! Everyone was so nice and supportive of one another, no matter what level (and I was once again at the bottom). It was when I finally made it to the box that I realized how far behind I actually was. It was not my workouts holding me back, it was my diet! So, in November, I gave in and began experimenting with the paleo lifestyle. It took a few months for me to figure out, but by January, I was seeing a difference in my body and my workouts. Then a few months later, I again felt like I hit a wall. I wanted to be stronger, faster, better! I knew I had to tighten up my eating. At this point I was 90% Paleo. I would cheat, mostly on Sat., but also a little here and there during the week (a bite of cake here, a soda there). So by late April I was ready to give this WHOLE 30 thing a try. I had seen several others at the gym do it, and the results were remarkable!

I began my Whole 30 on April 25th, the Monday after Easter. The first few days were not all that tough, but the first weekend was HARD! I was used to cheating on Saturday and for the first time I had to be accountable 7 days a week……and for 30 days! I would say day 5, 6, and 7 were the worst. I felt like I had so far to go and I did get discouraged. And then, I started to see a difference in my workouts. I was lifting a lot more weight! Not just 5 pounds more, but 10, 15, even 20 pounds more on some lifts! How in the word did I get stronger this fast?? It was amazing how much energy I had and how good I felt at the gym. No longer did I look at a workout and groan “You want me to do what?” I started looking at other people’s times on the board and setting a goal for myself. 99% of the time, I achieved my goal. I am still amazed at how quickly I saw a difference in my workouts. I was all of a sudden able to compete with people who usually beat me by MINUTES!!!

My Whole 30 ended on May 24th. I was so excited to weigh myself, because I knew there had to be a change. I was wearing pants I had not put on since before my first child!!! So, that morning I got on the scale and I had lost 5 pounds. 5 pounds does not seem like much, but I went down 2 pants sizes!! 2 whole sizes!!! I would have thought I had to lose 20-30 pounds to do that!!! I went back and looked at my workout journal, and in the last 30 days I PR’d every single lift! Wow, now I was seeing what this program had done for me! I am not worried about what I weigh, because I no longer look like I weigh anything close to it! Most people have guessed I have lost 10-15 pounds at least!!

I thank Neal and Leah for introducing me to this lifestyle, and for helping me find the athlete that was buried underneath! The Whole 30 allowed me to break through so many barriers, mentally and physically! Most importantly, I will never say I can’t do something ever again………………because I know I CAN!!!

Here's a pic of Kerrie, mid Whole 30, when she won the scaled division at the 2nd Annual CrossFit Houston Girls-Only Challenge. Awesome job Kerrie! I am so proud of you!