Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The National Pro Fitness League Dallas Combine!

There should be a rule on this thing, that if you don't blog for like the last 6 months alarm bells go off, or you get an angry email from blogger threatening to shut you down or something equally as urgent because I have been neglecting this for too long...I'm pretty sure I say this at least twice per year. Is it too late for New Year's Resolutions? I think not, so here goes. I resolve to blog once per month. That shouldn't be so hard right? We'll see...

Now to the point of this post. Yes some cool s*#t has been happening since December when I last blogged but one of the coolest definitely centers around the National Pro Fitness League!
My Athlete Packet

What? Professional Fitness? Yes, for those not in the know, the National Pro Fitness League is Tony Budding's new baby. Tony Budding was once the head of media for CrossFit HQ but has recently separated to pursue this dream. The basic idea is that he is turning Fitness into an actual team sport, the sport of Human Performance Racing! Sounds cool right? The league this year will consist of five teams, The LA Reign, The San Francisco Fire, The New York Rhinos, The Philadelphia Founders and The Phoenix Rise another 3 teams are slated to form next year and then more teams will follow. The sport will consist of various team "races" each with its own rules and regulations including player substitutions. The learn more about the league check out the website!
The Ladies at the NPFL Dallas Combine

Anyway, this past weekend the National Pro Fitness League held a Combine in Dallas. Representatives from each team came to Dallas to evaluate the athletes who were invited to participate in the Combine Events. Friday the women took on the individual events. It was a chance to show the teams some of your best strengths and skills. There were 20 plus stations to pick from and you had 8 hours to do as many as you wanted. Obviously the point was to highlight your strengths so I picked 7 events that I excelled in and gave it my all. I ended up with 3 new strength PR's (160# Snatch, 350# Deadlift, and 230# Front Squat) and did 11 muscle ups in 90 seconds. Those were probably my most notable finishes. My performance on Friday was good enough to secure me a spot for Sunday when we were actually  put on teams and run through the Races that will eventually make up the league sport.

Saturday was great. It was a rest day for the girls so Neal and I basically had a mini vacation day in Dallas. We NEVER get Saturdays off so it was nice to sleep in, eat a delicious brunch at Breadwinners and then hit up Cryo USA for some recovery. They have a cryo chamber which uses nitrogen to cool your body super fast so you get all the benefits of an ice bath but it only takes 3 minutes and is way less painful! After that we hit up the mall for some shopping and I scored big at lulu and even found a new pair of jeans which for any CrossFit girl is sometimes better than a PR!
PR Face!!

Sunday we were back in action but this time we were placed in teams of 4 girls and 4 guys and run through 11 races. Each race consisted of its own rules and regulations just like any other sport. I could go into descriptions of each race but it would make this book of a post even longer so if you want to know specifics and even watch some cool videos check out the NPFL Website! The only thing I have to say about the races is they were INTENSE! As Tony Budding said, there's only one speed when you hit the floor and that's GO! I can really see how incredibly fast-paced and exciting this sport is going to be when it's all said and done.

At the end of Sunday, the teams collectively selected 23 men and 18 women from to advance to the second draft which will be held in Vegas in June! I got a chance to chat with a few of the teams and have a solid idea of what I need to be working on to do well in Vegas.
Team CF Katy 2014

But for now, it's back to training for the CrossFit South Central Regionals with my amazing team at CF Katy. We've got 5 of us returning this year and a rookie that has more potential than she'll ever know. I think this could really be our year to stand on that Podium come Sunday in San Antonio at Regionals!