Thursday, January 12, 2012

This is Your Life

I saw this video on fellow blogger, Melissa Joulwan's website The Clothes Make the Girl. Not only is she a fantastic writer but she's also a Paleo enthusiast with a bad ass new cookbook out. If you haven't gotten your hands on a copy of Well Fed, you should! I loved this video so much, I had to put it up also. Holstee makes clothing, recycled wallets and other items but their message is way beyond that...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting Back to It and Fittest Games

Well I'm officially 11 days into January and 10 days into my 3rd Whole 30. I have to say that this go-round is a piece of cake really. I am not doing that great of a job as far as portion control and snacking are concerned but I haven't even really had the urge to cheat. I take it back, the other day I was really craving a root beer but it passed quickly. Random, I know. What's so fantastic about this Whole 30 though is that there are so many people who are joining me. People from the gym, people from lululemon, family members and friends. They probably don't know, but all of the people who are looking to me for support and guidance are actually helping me accomplish my goals. It's a huge responsibility to lead a group and I am holding myself to an even higher standard because of it.

I have been saying for the past few months that come January, I was really going to get my ass in gear as far as my training and nutrition are concerned. The nutrition is 100% in control and I have to say that the training is really coming along. In November and December, when my nutrition was horrible and I was juggling 3 jobs, getting my own workouts in seemed much more like a chore than a joy. I am happy to say that after a few lifestyle changes and with wholesome, Paleo foods fueling me, I have felt pretty amazing during all of my workouts. I am still struggling with my strict handstand push ups. I have so far gotten a few, but all of the work has made my kipping handstand push ups much easier. I still have my muscle-ups and now I just have to work on linking them. The most I've ever done in a row is 5 and I'm hoping to get 10! The only thing that isn't really progressing is my endurance. I still get pretty beat-down by long, light, cardio metcons, but CrossFit Katy's very own endurance expert Niki Bellnoski is going to be starting up CrossFit Katy Endurance Running again soon so hopefully those workouts will help me in those types of WODs.

It's almost time for The Fittest Games again and I am really excited and kind of nervous. Last year I ended up 9th but there was a gamut of talent missing from that competition last year. This year, I have signed up in the "pro division" which simply means I qualified as an individual for the South Central CrossFit Regionals last year. There are some amazingly studly women in this group and I am pretty stoked just to be able to compete with them. The Fittest Games has always been an incredibly well-run competition with great WOD's and an even better atmosphere. This year is sure to be no different. This year, CrossFit Katy is bringing a pretty large group of competitors and hopefully a rowdy bunch of cheerleaders. Should be an amazing time!