Friday, June 4, 2010

Staying Organized

Well, It's been almost a week since I started the Whole 30 and, surprisingly, things have been going really well! One of the biggest excuses I've heard from people with regards to healthy eating, especially on the kind of scale that the Whole 30 is judged on, is that they just don't have enough time. They can't cook all the time. They're too busy. Well, I may not have kids, but I am juggling a bootcamp 4 days a week, partially managing the CrossFit gym, nannying for my step-siblings (ages 17, 10, and 7), and I'm a full time student at UT Houston School of Nursing (My day planner looks like something exploded all over it, there's so much to do!) and if I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT! The secret is....organization! Yep, organizing your meals and snacks is just as important as organizing the rest of your life maybe even more important because what you put in your body determines your overall health and well-being...what could be more important than your health?? Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox now. What I really wanted to share is my tips and tricks that help me stay on the Whole 30 no matter how busy my life gets. Obviously the most important thing to do is to head the grocery store and make sure you stock up on plenty of Whole 30 approved foods. The biggest change I wanted to make, aside from the completely cutting all the not so healthy stuff out, was to really try and up my intake of veggies. I happen to be a snacker so I figured the best way to ensure that I'm getting in plenty of fresh veggies was to find portable, tasty veggies that I can use as snack foods when I get hungry in class or in between school and bootcamp when I just need something to tide me over until lunch or dinner. So, on my last trip to the grocery store, I was on a mission for snack veggies and that's exactly what I got! Sugar snap peas, baby carrots, yellow and red grape tomatoes, yellow, red, and orange bell peppers and last but not least..celery! I spent about 30 minutes of my Monday slicing, separating and bagging up my veggie snacks and I now have plenty of grab and go bags for the entire week! Bottom line ya'll is that it's not that hard! It just takes a little planning and a lot of ziploc baggies! :-)

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