Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Big and Strong or Small and Fast??

So here's something I've been contemplating for a while. CrossFit is a sport that claims to punish the specialist. Our specialty is not specializing....or as Greg Glassman (founder of CrossFit) would put it, "We do your stuff almost as good as you. You can't do our stuff at all and we do stuff neither of us does way better than you can." But I've come to wonder if that is necessarily true all of the time.
As far as I'm concerned there's two types of CrossFitters....Big and Strong or Little and Fast....Now that's not to say that there aren't people who are both (Hello Chris Spealler) but those people are considered the elite. So for all of us working hard to get to that elite status....which is a better starting point? Is it better to be Big and Strong already and to work on your speed? Or is being small and fast a benefit in more ways as far as CrossFit is concerned? I really can't tell you the answer to that, I've just been thinking about it for a while.
I've never been little and fast. True, I was a sprinter on the track Junior High!...but once I started actually growing into my body, it was pretty obvious that I wasn't going to win many races. So I started out my CrossFit career with a huge strength bias and have been working on my speed ever since. Many days, I don't really let it bother me, but today we did a sic WOD over at CrossFit West Houston just for a little fun. It was....

1 Round of
3 Rope Ascents
1000m Row
15 strict Handstand Push Ups
5 Deadlifts at 185#

Some people might look at this workout and think that's it a strength biased workout.....which it is BUT I definitely think it favored the small and fast who have less body to haul up the rope and push up out of the handstand. The whole time I was struggling up the rope and failing at the HSPU's I wondered....if I didn't weigh 160lbs would this stuff be easier??? Now, I'm never one to really care about my actual weight. I think the way you look in your Lulu's is a much better indicator than the numbers on a scale. But every once in a while I still find myself wondering does being as big (and strong!) as I am help me more than being able to run multiple 400's at a 1:30, big and strong or little and fast? Which one would you rather be?


  1. I say forget about being bigger or smaller. just work on strong and fast. If you are Fit and Healthly bigger or smaller is what it is.

  2. Give me another year to work on my strength and I'll tell ya. ha! I know that if I keep telling myself, yeah, but I'm small, the lifts feel SO much heavier (& I get ticked!). On a daily basis, I have to focus on MY goals and put on blinders in training.

  3. Simply due to Physics, I'd prefer Size. Size/Height is adored, and weight is a huge advantage in anything especially sports and fights, Proof? Put the best Lightweight even say Bruce Lee up against the best Heavyweight we have on Earth, chances are he'd draw or beat Bruce lee, I'm not kidding, Do you ever wonder why Humans always look at tall people and say wow he is tall? - It's not because he is actually big and he is intimidating, it's because your brain knows he is a solid object that has weight! - Want proof? Tall Skinny people look pathetic, Tall Muscley ones look scary. o.0 Put a Giant (Don't give me Goliath vs David) God was on Davids side and only a stone was thrown no physical fight happened, but Size usually always wins, with the downside that bigger people die far earlier usually.