Monday, October 11, 2010

Oktoberfest Obliteration II

What a weekend! A few months ago, I decided that I didn't think I was going to be ready physically and mentally to take on the individual competition at Oktoberfest Obliteration II. Rumor had it that Matt Munson could put together some pretty mean workouts and I didn't know if I was going to be able to handle them. I had been taking the summer easy and hadn't really started reving up my workouts till early September so instead of stressing out wondering if I'd be ready for the individual competition, I decided to sign up for the team comp instead. Now team competitions are no walk in the park, mind you! I don't want people to get the wrong idea here. Team competitions are tough stuff BUT the difference is you have your teammates to help shoulder the load. You can lean on and support each other which makes the team competitions less mentally challenging for me. So this past weekend myself, Brittany, Neal, David F., and Adam H. went toe to toe with some of the best teams in Texas at CrossFit Champions' Oktoberfest Obliteration II and it was a blast. The rules of the comp stated that you could have three guys and one girls perform each workout so I sat out the first workout and watched my teammates haul a bunch of heavy junk (including a 200lb pipe!) all over the CrossFit Champions property! (For full details on the workouts go to the CF Champions Website) The second workout wasn't until 3pm so I had a whole day to cheer on the other CrossFit Katy athletes, hang out with old CrossFit friends, make new ones and generally just have an awesome Saturday! My team was in the first heat for WOD #2 which matched us up against some heavy hitters like the crew from CrossFit West Houston but we did our best and ended up 3rd in our heat. My team finished 9th overall which I wasn't super thrilled about (I hate not winning!) but I had a complete blast and would definitely participate in another team competition. I love CrossFit weekends! There really is nothing better than hanging out with an awesome group of people while getting in some killer workouts. I'm gearing up now for the CrossFit Beaumont Showdown on October 23rd and I can't wait! Hopefully by then my abs will have recovered from those evil GHD situps! ;-)

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  1. You and your team did great Leah! Thanks so much for coming out and working so hard.