Friday, February 11, 2011

Push Your Limits!

Yesterday The Fittest Games WOD's were posted.....Yikes! Looks like WOD #3 is going to have muscle ups in it! For the record I have gotten a total of 3...count 'em 3 muscle ups EVER! The first muscle up I ever got was at CrossFit Beaumont after their competition. It was kind of a joke. I had been playing on the rings at CrossFit Katy for weeks but had never gotten an actual muscle-up. I think one of the reasons I got that first muscle up at Beaumont was that I approached it with no pressure, just got on the rings and did it! I definitely surprised myself. Since then I have gotten two more on different days, weeks apart. I have yet to be able to get one on my first attempt and I have never gotten more than one at any single practice session. So what does that mean for me this weekend?? I don't really know. I guess you could say the odds are stacked against me, BUT I can't help but remember a little conversation I had with Lisa Thiel before the final WOD at Regionals last year. That WOD had a 10 Muscle Up buy in. At that point, Lisa had only ever gotten one muscle up, but when we talked about it before the WOD she said, "Well, if I can do ONE then I can do TEN!" And that's the attitude that I am going to try and embody this weekend. I know that I am not going to win this competition but this competition is an opportunity to get better. I am going to end this post with a little quote I stole from my good friend and fellow CrossFitter Katie Russell....ok so she stole it from a movie...but you get the point! :)

"If you are trying to be better than someone are doing it wrong! Being the best is not about beating everyone else. It is about beating who you were yesterday."--The Rookie

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  1. Leah - I can't wait to see you get your muscle ups on Sunday! It's gonna be a great event and like you said a chance to get better - whatever that looks like! I love the quote from katie - beating 'everyone else' is a daunting task but doing your best is easy!
    See you sunday.