Sunday, December 29, 2013

It's Almost January........2014 BHAG's part one!

Holy Cow has 2013 already flown by?!?! Yes, there's only 3 more days left in 2013! I don't quite know at what point life speeds up but it does. When I was a kid a year felt like a decade, now a year feels like a most. Nobody warns you about that while you're growing up, or maybe they did but let's face, we don't listen. I'm going to be 30 next year! What? Last time I checked I was like 23 or something. But this post isn't really about how fast life is flying by, well it kind of is, it's about goals and what this next year holds, but the fact that time is flying is definitely a driving factor in this post because with limited time, goals become more important. Or I guess it's more like we don't have forever to accomplish the things we want to accomplish and with time speeding up, if we really want to get there (wherever there is) we better knock out a rough path at least or we'll be in the same spot next year that we are this year. Make sense? I'm pretty sure I've written a post like this before. We all have figuratively even if we've never written it down. So in an effort to feel like I actually DID go somewhere last year, I'm taking the first part of this post and dedicating it to the goals that I DID accomplish, then we'll get into the nitty gritty of what I want to accomplish next year!

My Amazing List of Good Things from 2013!

I qualified as an individual for the 2013 South Central Regionals
-It is getting harder and harder to qualify for regionals as an individual with the explosion of CrossFit around the world. It is always a goal of mine to qualify as an individual for Regionals even if I intend to go team. There's just something satisfying about knowing that I am still among the top of the female athletes in my Region and it's something I strive to do every year.

CrossFit Katy Affiliate Team got 5th at Regionals 2013
-This one was pretty cool! So like I said, I qualified as an individual for Regionals but decided to go Team again in an effort to make it to the CrossFit Games. We had the most amazing performance we've ever have. We got first on Team Jackie (that was me and Adam!), we got 2nd on the Team Lift and we were only 2 spots from qualifying for the Games. Best finish we've ever had!
Our 2nd Place Finish on the Lift!

Neal and I got to go on vacation to Cali to watch the 2013 CrossFit Games
-I don't think many people would look at this and think of it as an accomplished goal but it is for me. Vacations are always some of my biggest goals. Vacations take time and money and we were fortunate enough this year to have enough of both to do this! It was a great trip and one of my favorite times to spend with my husband and speaking of husband...

-Duh! Huge goal accomplished. Our wedding was beautiful at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas and we had an amazing reception at the House of Blues in Houston the weekend after to celebrate with our friends! I am so happy I now get to call Neal my husband! He's my perfect match and I feel very lucky to have him.
Outside the Wynn

We had an amazing honeymoon in Hawaii
-Another vacation, YES! Hawaii was beautiful and we spent a week on the beaches of Oahu learning to surf, drinking mai thai's and loving life and the beach. We are both beach people and this trip I think did more to solidify that and make us realize some important things we want to accomplish in our future. All in all, an amazing trip!

I accomplished two of my strength goals for the year
-At the beginning of each year, I write down some strength and CrossFit related goals and this year I accomplished two of them! I got a 200lb Clean and Jerk and I've reached a 330# deadlift! Sweet! This year, I plan on writing out a few more goals than I did last year but i'm hopeful that with a solid plan, I can accomplish them all!

I became a sponsored athlete....again!
-What?! Yep, I am lucky enough to have been chosen to represent RokFit for the next year! So awesome!! These guys are the shit and make some of the sweetest CrossFit gear around! Now I get to wear new RokFit gear and talk about how cool it is....yeah I'm pretty good at that ;) If you haven't gotten yourself any RokFit gear yet, what are you waiting for?? Go do it now!

I hit the re-start button on my Rodan + Fields Business
-For about a year, I have been an independent consultant for Rodan + Fields Dermatology. This skincare is amazing and we have products for all your needs....seriously! I have some sweet before and afters if you're curious. Things got so busy with the gym and life that I had pretty much taken a break from this business but I have a renewed attitude now and am ready to hit the pavement with this! This opportunity has proven to be life-changing for many girls on my team allowing them to pay mortgages, car notes, grocery bills, even replacing entire salaries from their previous careers AND I can do it in my spare time....from anywhere! Anyway, if you haven't had a chance to check it out, here's my website. Leah's Awesome R+F Skincare Site!  Check me out and see if this is the kind of opportunity that speaks to you (or somebody you know, I love references!) or if you've had some stubborn skin issues that you haven't resolved yet, I bet I can help!
Seriously, NOW is the time!

There were many more little accomplishments throughout this year I am sure. The main focus of this year really was our wedding and that didn't leave as much time for other goals. I think now that we've found a really comfortable place for our lives, 2014 is going to be a year of great things, huge goals, and a beautiful life....and since you're all probably tired of reading, I will wait to post my 2014 goals for another post! I hope you take the time to reflect on your past year and acknowledge all the good things that you have accomplished as well!

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