Monday, December 13, 2010

The 2010 All-Cities Open

It came, it went and I survived! Actually I did more than just survive. I managed to get 11th place overall this weekend and I've got to say, I'm pretty happy about it.

Usually after a tough CrossFit competition, I spend the rest of the weekend ruminating over what I could have done better.....should have done better, how I could have shaved a second here or added a rep there, but all the woulds and shoulds don't change anything and I'm learning to accept my weaknesses and revel in my strengths as far as this year's ACO is concerned. I am definitely looking forward to turning those weaknesses into strengths in the next few months.

The one thing I still can't get over is how connected I feel now to this whole community. It's an incredible feeling knowing that no matter which competition you attend, you will always have someone there cheering you on and many times it's fellow CrossFitters who you've never even met before or only briefly!

This past weekend during the horribly cold and windy run on WOD#4, I got passed up by another girl in my heat. (For anybody that doesn't know, running is my nemesis and I am HORRIBLE at it!) But as she ran past me she slowed just a sec to turn and say "come on Leah". That's what really sets us all apart you know......we elevate each other to perform at our best. Do I go into every competition with the desire to win?? Of course I do, but I will always celebrate my competitors successes. I want to be elevated to do my best because they are doing their best and hopefully my best will be good enough some day.

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  1. Nice work Leah! It was great to finally meet you this past weekend and wish I competed with everybody! See you at Regionals if not before =)