Saturday, December 4, 2010

Again Faster

For the past few weeks, Again Faster has been challenging any and all CrossFitters to compete against the Again Faster Competition Team in their challenge WOD's. The newest set of WOD's is a little bit different. The first two WOD's are task domain WOD's and the third WOD is a time domain WOD but the kicker is that the time for the third WOD depends on how quickly you finish the first two WOD's.

Over at CrossFit Katy, the 7pm Advanced class has decided to rise to the challenge and take on these next three WOD's. They've only posted the first one so far, a 2K row time-trial, and we hit it hard last Thursday! I haven't rowed a 2 K since February and wasn't really expecting much since I haven't been able to train that much with the end of school looming, but I surprised myself and rowed a PR: 8:02. Hopefully I can hang in the next two WOD's. The next one should be posted in two weeks.

AF WOD 10 2k Row from Neal Kay on Vimeo.

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