Saturday, June 4, 2011

Murph Day Wrap-Up

Wow! Ok So I know this post is about a week late but I think my lats are just now forgiving me! :) Though many of our fellow CrossFit boxes went after the beast WOD known as Murph today, the CrossFit Katy Crew tackled this one last Saturday.

We had an incredible turnout at the gym with over 25 people taking on Murph individually and we also had 12 people pair up and do a Team Murph. That's what I love about CrossFit, you really can take any WOD and adjust it to make it work for everyone.
Since this was my first true full Murph (I've done half multiple times) I decided to go big and wear a weight vest that I borrowed from CrossFit West Houston. Thanks Rob! When I got it from them though, it weighed about 30 lbs so I had to take out a few bricks! I eventually got it down to about 12 or 13lbs which was perfect for me.

I originally went into it with a plan of doing 20 rds of Cindy in between my miles but since we had such a huge turnout (YEAH!!!) I had to scrap that because we can only fit about 20 people on the pull up bar at a time. Everybody played nice though and we didn't run into any problems sharing the pull up bar. Surprisingly, the thing that killed me the most was the push ups. Push ups have never been my strong suit and 200 of them was ridiculously hard for me, especially with that damn vest! I also ended up walking quite a bit of my last mile....not acceptable! I absolutely have to work on my gas-tank!

I ended up finishing the WOD, my first true, weight-vested, ass-kickin' Murph at a time of 72:26 .....damn that was a long one! I have a feeling I could really bring that number down if I did it again.....but that won't happen for a while! I definitely think I'm going to be investing in a HyperWear Vest to start doing my bodyweight WOD's in. They are super sleek and fit close to the body and I think they'll really give me an edge with my pull ups, push ups, and running if I start training with it.

Anyway, it was a great experience and just another example of why I love CrossFit and all my CrossFit Katy Family! Huge shout-out to David F. also who completed his first Murph wearing his boots, pants, loaded police belt and bulletproof vest! It was something to see!

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