Thursday, January 27, 2011


This Wednesday, the amazing athletes at CrossFit Katy took on Fran! That's right.....that soul-sucking, leaves you breathless, everything hurts, bitch of a workout known as Fran! This workout is simple

Pull Ups

So Simple....So Painful!

We haven't tackled Fran in the gym for quite a while....June 2010 I believe and before that it was April 2010. I guess you could say Fran has been laying low, waiting to pounce out and destroy us!

At the end of the battle, we had some pretty impressive numbers. The best RX time in the gym came from Chad Morales at 2:31.....pretty sweet! Adam Heiman came in at 3:36 for the next fastest RX guys time. As for the RX girls.....I took the lead with 4:04 and Brittani Briner was right behind me with a 5:04! All in all, pretty impressive!

Personally I was pretty excited about my Fran time...the last time I did Fran was back in April 2010 and I got a yesterday was a 55 second PR! I have just started mixing some butterfly pull ups into my workouts but I loose my rhythm after about 6 so I definitely need to keep working on them. If I can string more butterfly's together, I'm thinking next time.....Fran doesn't stand a chance :)

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  1. Way to go! I was excited to finally do it. Now I have a time to beat. Until next time Fran...