Sunday, October 7, 2012

Back to normalcy

Well, that whirlwind of a vacation is over. And yes, if you are counting, I did not post last night. We got back to our hotel room late from the last of the wedding festivities and I got lost in packing and getting ready for my 8am flight this morning and forgot to blog! Fail number one. Believe me folks, it won't happen again and I am even going to extend my blog to all of October (that's 31 days!) to make up for it. Anyway, if there's one thing this trip has taught me is that it is possible to have self-restraint even at wedding festivities. Pick your most important meals throughout the festivities and don't get caught up in the "but its a wedding" feeling around you. I made my choices, indulged in the not-to-be missed events (like the hand selected winery reception) and turned down the not as special (like the fancy beers at the Irish pub....that was hard!) You'll feel better about yourself for not going over the edge and it makes coming back home that much easier. Tonight Neal cooked me a delicious sirloin and I made some broiled zucchini with grass-fed butter. I am still dealing with some sugar cravings so I've got myself some different hot teas and decaf coffees to get me through those tough times. A good tip for night time cravings is to make yourself a cup of hot tea and dissolve a tsp or two of coconut oil into it. The added fat gives you some satiety and keeps you from mindlessly munching. Tomorrow I plan on making some paleo chili in the crockpot! yummo! It's finally getting cool enough that hot soups and stews are going to be coming back on the menu. I think my crock pot is going to be my new best friend since it makes prepping food soooo easy! I do have to admit that my pantry is still pretty pathetic. Since we've moved, I have not really stocked up on anything. When you keep a Paleo kitchen, your pantry generally gets neglected in favor of the fresh stuff but there are some staples that every Paleo cook should have on-hand including:
Canned Coconut Milk
Canned Tomatoes
Chicken and Beef Stock
Tomoto Paste
Spices, Spices, Spices!

A quick trip to Costco should take care of that though and they have a great selection of organic and even some grass-fed and wild caught items. I missed the Yonder Way Farms delivery this week as I was out of town. The next delivery, it will be time to stock up on some stew meats, roasts and chickens for soup.
The next few months are shaping up to be pretty ridiculously busy! My first big competition since Regionals is coming up in less than two weeks and I'm really pumped and a little nervous. I also have a half marathon coming up in November. Suffice to say, it's going to be a busy fall. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Now off to bed for a good night's sleep before the crazy week begins again.

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