Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My favorite Paleo Pick Ups

Confession, I am not as good as you may think I am. I think people are always amazed at how consistently Paleo I am and they read my posts about grass-fed beef and pastured and wild meats and while I really do have my fridge stocked with these items, I definitely get help to stay on track. I think we all try to do it all. We have jobs or raise kids, take care of the house, grocery shop, workout and we're expected to have perfectly healthy, organic, Paleo meals ready for us and our family 24/7. Well, that's just not reality. So a lot of us decide that its just easier to get "convenience food" and give up on our healthy eating habits because we can't be perfect. I think that's just an excuse. That's taking the easy way out. I mean you can't eat out breakfast, lunch and dinner and really expect to be healthy. You are going to have to do some cooking and you are going to have to put in some effort BUT there are definitely some "go-to" for quick Paleo pick ups for those nights or days when you just can't do it all. These are my favorites:

Rotisserie Chicken from Super Pollo Rico on Mason. Neal and I like to pick up a whole chicken with four sides to eat after class sometimes when we're too tired to cook and don't have any steak thawed. We always get salad and plantains for our sides. That way we're getting some veggies, protein and a starchy carb in the Paleo-friendly plantains. Plus they're delicious.

Fajitas from El Jarrito or Las Mananitas. We tend to get the big order where you get some shrimp and stuff too. Just tell them that you don't want the chips, tortillas, beans and rice and ask for extra guac.

War Wonton Soup from Orient Cafe. This is not perfectly Paleo but it's one of the freshest and lightest soups around. We always get two orders even though one is supposed to be enough for two people. It is a clear brothed soup with tons of fresh veggies in it and chicken, beef, pork and shrimp. They usually put 2 or 3 wontons in it which really isn't that much considering the size. I usually finish about 3/4 of mine and save the rest for a snack.

Barbecue from Rudy's or Red River BBQ. We get the brisket and sausage. Sometimes we get ribs but you're going to want to stay away from them if you're doing a nutrition challenge or are aiming for weight loss because they tend to have a lot of sugars in the rub. At Red River BBQ you can even get a plain, dry baked sweet potato to go with your meat. Sides at BBQ joints are tricky so we tend to stick with green beans and maybe a little coleslaw.

Lamb and Chicken Gyro Meat from Shishkebob Cafe on Fry. We order it by the pound and it is soooo amazingly delicious. We also get sides of shirazi salad which is chopped cucumber, tomato, and onion with parsley and spices. It is so good and different.

Those are really our "go-tos". If I'm not cooking up grilled steak or some kind of crock-pot concoction, this is generally what we're eating.

Side Note: I made a big pot of Paleo chili today with grassfed beef and venison. This is another tip. Make big batches of stuff so you can eat off of it for days.

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  1. Thanks for the food choices. I've never been to any of these places but they all sound good.