Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day Ten

Holy cow, I think I'm having a breakthrough! So it's day ten of this little experiment of mine. I really can't say that my nutrition has been perfect because it hasn't. I mean I am being really conscious of what I'm eating but I still have dairy and I still have small amounts of sugar. Probably why I have had no weight loss since I started. That and I may have to reevaluate my portions. Anyway, on to the breakthrough. Today is the first day that I have woken up, gone all day, done a tough WOD and have had NO shoulder pain at all!! I mean none. It wasn't even sore to the touch this morning. That is a breakthrough. Honestly, the only thing that I have been religious about in these past ten days has been my supplementation routine. I am not ready to post about it yet because I am still figuring out the perfect combination for myself but things are looking really good. Today in class we had another nasty WOD concocted by Mike that went something like this:

10 minute cap:


Rope Climbs
Squat Snatch (increasing weight each round)

Now, we only have 3 ropes in the gym so we did it in 3 heats (hence the time cap or we'd be there all night) I was in heat two and I got through the first two rounds no problem. Ran out of time during the third round but I really wasn't upset at all. I didn't think I'd get past the round of 4 rope climbs without being wrecked and I did fine. If I had had 5 more minutes, I think I actually could have finished that WOD. That's pretty big for me oh and did I mention my shoulder didn't hurt! :)

My nutrition today was a little off. I had a bowl of paleo chili for breakfast because I was too lazy to cook and some coffee. The coffee had a little dairy in it and by the middle of the morning classes, I had some serious indigestion/burps. Something definitely didn't agree with me and that kind of set up my whole day to feel bloated. Anyway, lunch was light. Steamed crab and shrimp from Fish City Grill (yummy!) topped it off with a cappuchino which is again more dairy. I really think I need to cut it out for a while looking back at my bloated feeling throughout the day. I had a little hot tea and almond butter for a snack and a pre-workout concoction of some supplements in a little coconut water. After the WOD, I had a post-workout protein shake and then came home and had a few scrambled eggs and an apple with almond butter because I just wasn't that hungry. Tomorrow I am aiming to do no dairy and see if that helps this heavy/bloated feeling. I also think I need to check my portion sizes so a little food journaling might be happening over here. Anyway, it's off to bed before starting another early morning at CF Katy. Hopefully this shoulder continues to behave. I'll be anxious to see how it feels tomorrow after all those rope climbs.

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