Friday, October 12, 2012

Shoulder Post Rope Climbs

Sorry guys, forgot to get this up last night....

After having probably the most awesome day possible as far as my shoulder pain is concerned (on weds), I was really anxious to see how it would hold up after all those rope climbs we did last night. Good news is that it really is not that sore! No aching in the morning when I woke up and I hardly noticed it all day. I did test it out by trying to hold the top of a ring dip and that still hurts :( but it's progress! Today is definitely a rest day for me! I love Thursdays because I get up early and knock out coaching the 4 morning classes at CrossFit Katy and then I come home, walk the dogs and eat lunch, then I head out to my other job up at Specialty Healthcare and Wellness for the afternoon. After work, I have the night off! I love it because I get to come home, usually walk my dogs again (I know, they're spoiled but it's good for me too) then I have the whole evening to relax and make dinner. Thursday nights are usually the nights that I get to be a little more creative with dinner because I've actually got the time. Tonight the menu was Paleo chicken fried steak and okra. I know, I know, how do you make Paleo chicken fried steak??? It's actually really easy. I buy the tenderized round steak from Yonder Way Farms. It's actually one of the cheaper cuts of meat that they sell which is a bonus cause Neal loves this dish. So you heat up some coconut oil in a pan. You really have to use coconut oil because you're frying and it has the highest smoke point. Anyway, so you heat it up in pan then you cut your steak into personal sized pieces (it comes in a long strip) dip them in egg and then almond flour. If you want to get fancy, you can season the almond flour however you like. I just do it plain. You fry the now-breaded steaks in the coconut oil for about 4-5 minutes a side. I don't really use a timer. They cook up pretty fast. Ta da! Paleo Chicken Fried Steak! Like I said, Neal loves this dish which is good because there's nothing that will kill your motivation to stay Paleo like boredom! Got to keep mixing it up or you'll be tempted to cheat.

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