Monday, October 8, 2012

Suck It Fran!

Well it's day eight of this little nutrition challenge/experiment. I may not have really gone into much detail before, but the real reason I am doing this is because I think my performance in the gym (and really in life) has been lacking. I have low energy, I am heavier, more body fat, have felt very little motivation or drive in most of my workouts. My nutrition was poor by my standards, sleep was less and stress was/is higher. And my dang AC joint that I injured at Regionals is STILL bugging me! Ugg, that was 5 months ago!
Along with my job at CrossFit Katy, I work part-time at a Wellness clinic in Bellaire (and Sienna Plantation) doing Paleo Nutrition, Athletic Performance, Hormone Balancing, etc. We're a pretty cutting edge facility really. One of the coolest things we do for our Athletes (and people in general) is Micronutrient Testing and Inflammation Assessments. Then we recommend appropriate nutrition and supplementation protocols. Back when I started in February, I had my blood work tested and got on a concoction of supplements. After about 7 weeks, I was feeling amazing! I was lean, had tons of energy and was kicking ass in my workouts (mostly) Regionals was coming up and I was pumped! But after Regionals was over and my "season" ended, I really slipped into some pretty lax eating habits, stopped working out as much and ran out of my supplements and stopped taking them. I know, I am a bad patient. And while I definitely feel that there is a serious need for "seasons" and periodization (I'll cover that in another post) I let myself slip pretty far. Well, a few weeks ago I went to a Sports Medicine Conference in Chicago and wow my head literally exploded with information. That's when it really hit me. How was I supposed to properly treat athletes to make them the best that they can be if I was so off-base with my own performance?? That's when I really decided to do this thing. I have so far had my blood re-tested (the results are pending) and I have started a new supplement protocol. I have only been doing this for 8 days now, but I am already feeling better.
Today at the gym we did Fran! Infamous Fran! I haven't done Fran in literally months...maybe even a year and I wasn't very optimistic about it because I still haven't had that pop back in my workouts yet and I am still heavier than I want to be. But I sucked it up and pushed through and guess what....I got a HUGE PR! 3:42! That's the fastest Fran time of any girl in our gym so far! So right now, I am feeling pretty optimistic about my new routine. I am still hoping to drop a few pounds and lean out and I am still hoping for some more energy and go in my workouts, but if this is any indication of where I could be out South Central!

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  1. Awesome! I love it! Thanks for leading by example!