Monday, October 15, 2012

Oktoberfest WOD's Are Up!!

This is the first year that I have done Oktoberfest as an individual and I'm pretty excited and just a little nervous! I mean even with as many competitions as I have done, I still get a little anxious before them. Oktoberfest is one of the biggest competitions of the season. Matt and Pam Munson over at CrossFit Champions have been putting it on for the last 4 years and it seems like it just keeps getting bigger! As of last year, Oktoberfest became the first competition in the Annual Triple Crown of the South Series. It consists of three competitions (Oktoberfest, All Cities Open, and Fittest Games) and if anyone wins all of them, they go home with some serious cash. If nobody wins all of them, then the person who finishes highest in all three wins a little piece of the pot. This year, I hope to compete at all three Triple Crown Events.
The WOD's for Oktoberfest were announced today. For complete info and video demo's of the WOD's click here. I am pretty excited about two of the WOD's and not so excited about the other two. I love the WOD with the heavy push jerks. Push Jerk's aren't my best movement but I'm pretty strong so I'm happy to see a WOD that could play to my strengths. The other short WOD has a sprint and moderately heavy front squats! YES!!! I love front squats. That WOD should have been named Leah! Now unfortunately I think Matt Munson must have known exactly what kind of WOD I also would HATE to see! The Run Forrest Run WOD is going to be my nemesis. It consists of three 400m runs with different weighted implements. I suck at running and three 400's is a lot for me. At least some of them are weighted. I feel like that may even the playing fields just a bit for us bigger girls. We'll see. I think it's still going to kill me!
Anyway, go to the link and check 'em out and be sure to come out to Oktoberfest and yell your hearts out for CrossFit Katy!!!

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