Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oktoberfest Obliteration IV

Well, I have definitely not been successful with this little experiment of blogging everyday and doing a month-long nutrition challenge. And I guess it's time to stop apologizing for it and just accept it and strive to do the best I can right now. But that's not what this post is about. This post is about Oktoberfest Obliteration IV!
Yesterday was OOIV. This competition, run by the Munson's over at CrossFit Champions, has quickly become one of the biggest competitions in the area, and of course a lot of big names and awesome athletes come out to compete. It's always a ton of fun and this year was no different. For whatever reason, Matt Munson decided it was a good idea to put me in the last heat of Elite Women which was of course STACKED with amazing ladies. Games competitors Candice Ruiz, Jessica Estrada, Regionals athletes Chelsea Lewis and Chely Galvan and many, many more! Not to mention all the amazing athletes in the heats before me like CrossFit Katy's own Brittani has she become a serious competitor over this last year! Anway, I was excited to be in such a great heat but I was also pretty apprehensive about it. At least this year some of the WOD's totally played to my strengths.
The first WOD was a short, intense 8 min WOD with 125# push jerks and burpees in it. I had a pretty steep goal for that one and fell short a little but was overall pretty happy with my performance. I pretty much think on the second WOD, Munson thought "what WOD would Leah Goldstein really like to see?" Haha! I mean obviously not but I don't think I could have asked for something better. The WOD was 90 seconds of max Front Squats at 115# That's right, 90 seconds. I know, I know that's really short for a CrossFit WOD but it was awesome and tough. A real gut check to see if you could talk yourself out of wanting to put the bar down. The 3rd WOD had a bit of the unknown and unknowable with a 400m run with a slosh ball. A slosh ball is basically a Bosu ball half filled with water. Man that thing was awkward! After those first 3 WOD's I was sitting in 7th place which was AMAZING! I don't think I've ranked that high in such a tough competition ever. I was really feeling good!...But then WOD 4 happened! Ugg! WOD 4 consisted of three different AMRAP's. Each AMRAP counted as its own workout and you were, therefore, ranked for how you did in each of the different WOD's. I think that actually worked towards my favor because I really don't do well in long AMRAP's. I'm a power athlete. I need short, heavy reps and WOD's. So the first AMRAP which was 3 minutes of 215# deadlifts and burpees was pretty good for me. The other two AMRAP's which were 6 and 9 minutes respectively tore me apart! I ended up falling from 7th to 13th place after it was all said and done. I have to admit, I was pretty bummed about it. But, like all competitions, the point is to make you a better athlete. I know there are some movements that I still need to work on and it's really easy to push those movements aside...until they come up in competitions and bite you in the ass! (I'm talking to you Chest to Bar Pull Ups!) Anway, the next stop for me is All-Cities Open. I've got 7 weeks to prep for it! Watch out's time for a rematch!

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