Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Test Results!

I may or may not have posted this earlier but I have been experimenting a lot with my nutrition and supplementation routine lately and after attending the American Academy of Anti-Aging Sports Medicine Conference in Chicago, I ran some additional bloodwork on myself. Well, those results have finally come back and it is surprising to say the least! For anybody that believes that you can be a competitive CrossFitter and get all of your nutrients just from food, you are wrong! I know for myself at least that there were many nutrients that I readily consume via food like B-Vitamins that were not at optimal levels when tested. That's because we ask so much of our bodies when we CrossFit or really compete at any high level sport. Obviously every individual is unique and it really takes some in-depth clinical testing to find out what your body needs but there are some universal generalizations that can apply to most athletes. Now, that I have my specific micronutrient levels, I am really excited to adjust my supplementation and see if I can continue to improve on my performance, body composition, inflammation and overall health.

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