Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Competition Time- What to Bring!

It's competition time folks! I've already posted extensively regarding competitions but one thing I haven't touched on in a while is how to prepare for the actual day of competition i.e. what the heck do I bring to this thing? How do I eat? What am I going to need?

Now I'm a pretty seasoned competitor so I've definitely got my go-tos and getting ready for a competition for me really isn't that big of a deal anymore. But as the popularity of CrossFit and CrossFit Competitions continues to grow, more and more people get the desire to compete. Every year in College Station, BoomFit hosts a great competition called the BCS Games. It is one that we always encourage our new gym members to do if they want to compete. It's a great competition and great first competition and it's happening this Saturday (which happens to be my birthday...double awesome!) Since we are bringing a fair amount of Newbies from CrossFit Katy with us to try test themselves in their first competition this weekend, I thought I'd do a little post of things that I bring with me anytime that I compete.

List of Must-Haves:

Multiple pairs of shoes depending on the WOD (lifters, runners, nano's)
Atlas Power Wraps
Jump Rope (good for warm up even if it's not in a WOD)
Change of Socks
Change of shorts (believe me, if you plan on going out to eat after, you will want extra shorts!)
Bug Spray
Tylenol (I don't use Advil or any NSAID's but I do use Tylenol if I get headaches)

List of Must Haves in my cooler:

Protein Powder
Shaker Bottles
Coconut Water
Baked Sweet Potato
Deli Turkey Meat
Fruit- Usually Banana and Grapes or Strawberries
Nuts or Trail Mix
Applesauce in the easy squeeze packs

Ok so that's about it. Good luck to all our newbies this weekend! It's going to be tons of fun!

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