Monday, October 1, 2012

Day One!

Today is October 1st, 2012 and It's the first day of my personal nutrition challenge. I've been studying nutrition and experimenting with different ways of eating for about 3 1/2 years now. I have to date completed 3 Whole 30's and they've really taught me a lot about food and myself for that matter. I can safely say after all this time, I still don't have it all down! I think nutrition is an ongoing challenge for most of us. I'd say my diet is about 90% better than many people's but there's always room for improvement. So today I am embarking on another nutrition challenge. Just to clarify, I am not doing a Whole 30. I know that for me getting caught up in the little things (like whether or not my organic, nitrate-free lunch meat has less than 2% sugar) is not the path to success. But 30 days of shunning Starbucks Peppermint Mocha's and corn tortilla chips IS the path to success. I am carrying a few extra pounds these days and have some big competitions coming up. More importantly, I do not have as much energy and drive in my workouts as I would like to have and I think my nutrition and supplementation is a big part of that.
I was inspired recently by my friend and fellow CrossFitter, Matt Munson who has made it a goal to blog everyday for 365 days! While I don't think I can accomplish that goal right now, I am going to try and blog everyday for the next 30 days documenting my nutrition challenge and any changes that occur with it. Today started at 5am. When I coach on these early mornings, it's challenging getting a good breakfast because I am usually not hungry until about 8am. When I am "on", I will scramble some eggs and bring them with me, but this morning I decided to go the easy route and had some deli ham and olives and coffee of course with a splash of raw milk. I found these great olive snacks at HEB. They're called Oloves-the healthy olive snack. They're pre-pitted green olives in 3 different flavors ready to eat in a little package and they're only $1 per package! Olives are a great source of fat, which we all need for satiety, to produce cholesterol, to produce all our hormones. Basically fat= life! Lunch today will probably consist of grilled lamb shoulder and I think dinner will be Elk burgers sans the bun. Sounds like a pretty well rounded day if I can just get enough veggies in!

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